This department leverages the Company's rich experience in marine transportation to design transportation systems tailored to each customer's unique needs, based on the key concepts of safety, reliability, speed, and low cost.

【Maritime and Land Intermodal Transport】
We provide Maritime and Land Intermodal Transport service using domestic logistics warehouses, RORO ships (ferries, etc.), trailers, and containers.
This system has the following advantages.

  1. By using domestic distribution warehouses, we will respond to customers' storage space problems.
  2. The use of unmanned ships cuts costs by eliminating much of the expensive journey by road, thus cutting down the cost of truck drivers' pay, as well as expenses for truck maintenance, fuel costs, and toll road charges.
  3. As drive-on-drive-off truck carrier vessels (“car ferries”) are used, loading and unloading operations are eliminated, thereby minimizing the chance of damaging cargo.
  4. As transport by ferry (liner) is subject to fewer delays than transport by road, it is generally both faster and safer. The delivery and warehousing of goods can thus be planned more precisely.
  5. Because Nippon Marine serves as a “one-stop shop” for goods transportation, the whole process is much more convenient for the Company's customers.

The longer the distance from the shipping point to the destination is, the more advantageous the speedy and economical characteristics of comprehensive intermodal transportation become.
Of course, we also offer a full range of small-lot goods transportation services utilizing containers.

【International Multimodal Transport】
Based on our experience in ocean shipping, we handle international container transport, air freight, and import/export customs clearance.
As a customer's agent, we propose to reduce the complicated import/export work.

Container delivery
Chassis delivery