In its business operations, Nippon Marine recognizes that its top priorities are ensuring the safety of its employees, its ships and their cargo, and helping preserve the global environment.
We have thus set up the Environment & Safety Office under the direct control of the President, to oversee Companywide initiatives in these two areas.

1.Safety is trust

There are no shortcuts to safety. We pursue safety based on our many years of experience and knowledge, as well as lessons learned from accidents that should never happen.
In addition to developing a safety management system to respond quickly and reliably in the event of an accident, the Accident Investigation Committee thoroughly investigates the cause of the accident to prevent recurrence.

2.Safety is asset

In order to ensure safe and reliable marine transportation and intermodal transportation by sea and land, we operate a "safety council" in which ship owners, operating vessels, and our company as operators work together to share safety awareness and work together on safety activities. doing. We place importance on safety education and communication for operating ships, actively exchange opinions on safety with ship owners, and strive to raise safety awareness by raising issues and implementing specific measures.

3.Efforts to preserve the environment for the future

As a member of the Senko Group, we are developing promotional activities to create a clean environment
that will lead to the next generation under the "SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS".
Our ships comply with the Air Pollution Control Law and adopt engines that emit less NOx (nitrogen oxides) and SOx (sulfur oxides).

A company wide emergency response exercise based on the Code of Safety Management
Safety commendation for accident-free vessels