The Chemical & Overseas Section engages in the coastal and near-sea transportation of liquid chemicals, and the overseas transportation of general freight.

As for liquid chemical products, we transport sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, magnesium hydroxide, etc. by dedicated tankers for the domestic market.
In particular, the transport of sulfuric acid is not limited to Japan, but also extends to Taiwan, Philippines, China, Southeast Asia, and South America.
We transport palm oil, etc. as return shipments.
In international cargo shipping, we operate special vessels that are unparalleled in the world, transporting sulfuric acid on outward voyages and copper concentrate on return voyages between Japan and Chile.
We also transport slag, etc. to various parts of the Far East and Southeast Asia by general cargo ships, and South Sea timber from Papua New Guinea.

KISSHO,  Chemical Tanker
D/W 1,711
NISSEN MARU,Chemical Tanker
D/W 1,203
Special ocean-going cargo vessel
“MAR CAMINO”D/W 53,862